How to Request a Quote

  • Determine what package (Located in Services) best fits your project.  If you are not sure which package best fits your project, you can omit this step

  • Define your price range.  We require a down payment of 50%.  Please refer to FAQs for additional questions 

  • Fill out the contact for below.  Please make sure it has 1. Website Name and URL (If you have one). 2. Full description of the project you are looking to pursue 3. Date in which you want it to be completed by  4. Any additional requests

  • Once you have everything filled out, press send on the contact form.  We will get back to you within 24 hours or else we will discount you 15%.

Contact Us | Request a Quote

We’d like to thank you for showing interest in pursuing your project with Lance Designs.  Please follow the instructions above if you are requesting a quote.  Thank you!